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Locate Searches
Social Security SearchUS$45
National Change of AddressUS$40
Telephone number ownershipUS$100
Descendent SearchUS$25
Voter Registration SearchUS$45
Surname SearchUS$25
Post Office Box InformationUS$125
Utility SearchUS$95
Date of Birth SearchUS$75
Personal Records Search
Statewide public filingsUS$65
Workers Compensation ClaimsUS$75
Current EmployerUS$175
Federal Court RecordsUS$65
Statewide Criminal RecordsUS$65
Professional License VerificationUS$35
Real Property OwnershipUS$55
Personal judgments and liensUS$25
Asset Searches
National Aircraft SearchUS$45
National Pilot RegistrationUS$45
Bank Account LocateUS$125
UCC filingsUS$75
Vessel Registration SearchUS$65
Business Records Searches
Business Credit ReportUS$65
Secretary of State RecordsUS$60
Business name or numberUS$35
Business Bank AccountUS$135
UCC filingsUS$75
Business telephone traceUS$45
Corporate Tax ID number SearchUS$95
Business statewide public filingsUS$75
DMV Services
Vehicle Registration (by tag #/VIN)US$35
Motor Vehicle Record by Drivers License Number (where available)US$35
Motor Vehicle Record by Name and DOBUS$35
Vehicle Ownership by NameUS$65

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Wayne M. Rooney - Consulting Detective
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