Missing Children  
Wayne M. Rooney - Consulting Detective  
The police do not have the time nor the manpower to actively search for missing or abducted children. Missing children clearing houses do not actively pursue missing children. All of them put out fliers and WAIT for someone to accidentally come across a missing or abducted child and hopefully report seeing them.


If you wish to sit back and hope against hope that your child may be found, Amen. If you wish to find your child, we can do it for you.
Not knowing the whereabouts of your child can be frightening and devastating.
The endless hours and sleepless nights can be unbearable when you do not know where your child is, if they are all right, if they need help.
Sometimes just knowing that they are well and safe can be a blessing.
We do not force people to return or abscond with them.
However, you can know where they are and that they are safe.
We can, of course, try to convince them to return; but that is ultimately up to them.
Children, if they are underage, can be brought back with the help of the authorities.
If you are the custodial parent of a minor; that minor can be brought back through the courts.

But first you have to find them.

It is better to light a candle rather than to curse the darkness.


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